Steve Mull Plumbing Fixes Fixtures

And a whole lot more – ability to handle whatever water emergency arises. Water damage can cause devastating consequences. Besides fire, water is the most destructive force against your home. Not only can a water leak ruin your possessions, it can wreak havoc with the very structural support, rotting drywall and sub-floors from right under your feet, and you may not find out before a catastrophe happens which can be very costly indeed.

An ounce of prevention (and early detection) is worth a pound of cure. You may not think that having an inspection of your plumbing system, finding and fixing any problems before they start is a waste of money, but ask yourself what could happen if leaks exist and they are untreated.

The problem can be pervasive, and with so many chances for a leak spread throughout a home — in the walls, in the basement, and under concrete slabs to name a few. Professional plumbers, like Steve Mull in Lebanon, have more high tech equipment, know where to look, and what to look for in tracking down the rogue water flow. Regular leak checks by a professional can help to avoid a major catastrophe.

If you are located in Wilson or surrounding counties, you are within reach to Steve Mull Plumbing for all your needs. We know that a leaking pipe, toilet, or faucets can be potentially damaging, but do you know your home’s hot water heater can cause a lot of damages if it leaks? Your water heater can potentially rot the floor beneath it and drop your water heater right into the crawl space.

Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket of the services offered. For homes and businesses in our service area, Steve Mull Plumbing offers all the standard functions and more. One of the hot trends in water heaters is an on-demand, tankless water heating system. Instead of paying to heat a large tank of water, which continuously cycles to keep the water warm, an on-demand or instant system heats the water only when you need it. It can save a lot of money, but one of the drawbacks is putting too many demands simultaneously stretches the system too thin. This can be rectified by installing two or more tankless water heaters.

Another issue that can cause many problems is backflow. Backflow refers to your home’s plumbing system. Pressure from one part, like the toilet, is pumped into another part of the system like a septic plant or city sewage and keeps your water system safe from bacteria and other things you don’t want to wind up in your drinking or bath water.
Sometimes for some reason, the pressure system verses because of more pressure from the other end and can force contaminated water to enter your “good” water. The good news is it can be remedied. Steve Mull Plumbing has years of experience in this area and can install equipment in your system that prevents contaminated water from reaching your drinking water, keeping you and your family safe.

How about if you are building, buying, or even renovating and need new fixtures?

Steve Mull can do that too. Go for high-end or economical, simple or lavish. It’s that easy. What if you like your existing faucets and you just need a repair. That’s okay, too. And when you need a repair you want it to be ASAP to keep your busy schedule on track. And businesses have a critical need to have the plumbing up and running like restaurant bathrooms and kitchens. In this case, time really is money.

Basements can be a prime source of water damage. A sump pump automatically pumps water out before it becomes a problem. Any plumbing problem is no problem. Even a simple clogged sink, tub or toilet can be dispensed of quickly and easily because the plumbing pros have pro plumbing equipment.

Every homeowner should have a relationship with a neighborhood plumber because you never know when you might need one.